Combination Braided Lead and Collar

Braided Lead and Collar Combo's can be used as a lead or a collar and lead. Collar is adjustable by moving the stopper knot. Available in your choice of any two colors.

Lead/Collar Combo1Lead/Color Combo 2


  • One lead/collar that will fit all your dogs, from Chihuahua to Neopolitan Mastiff.

  • The one item to keep in your kit at all times!

  • Choose your kennel colors, school colors or other favorite colors.


Please email with any questions. 

Cord Colors

Color Combination Samples

Lead/Collar Combo with a snap hook can be used as a kennel lead or with your own collar.

When ordering remember that you will lose the neck size from the length of the lead. Ie., with a 4’ (48") lead if your dog has a 20” neck you would end up with a 28” lead.



First Color
Second Color